Who is Valentin ?

Standing out through understated style, Valentin prides himself on an effortless elegance. 
He turns heads with grace and subtlety, walking with an air of distinction that implies quality. 
With a clear confidence, he is a refined individual, aware and not afraid of his own taste, assertive enough to defy passing trends; he defies stereotypes.

Enigmatic and unique, Valentin knows what he wants and this is clear through his choices ; he instinctively knows what to wear and where to wear it. 
He carries himself with a high regard in his observation for quality, attention, detail and style.
Holding no pretention and taking no apparent effort, he wears his clothes with ease.

Living within the exclusive fringes of elegance, he is a man with great taste and does not need to show off.
 Instead he projects a level of sophistication through all that he does, whilst clearly savoring experience and having an eye for detail. 

An enigma, Valentin is almost impossible to truly "know".

He is in love, private and discreet, open minded and multicultural, preferring to share only parts of his character with the world. 
Looking in from the outside, you cannot begin to imagine his layers and sensibilities.
However, one of his journey has engaged him in personal stories of struggle, which inspired him…