Our concept

We met in Laos few years ago. Since then, every time we saw each other in Paris we have always enjoyed sharing our experiences about countries we have lived in or visited and imagine a concept that we may explore one day.
We wished something which could rally “functional” to a meaningful cause, making every day pieces with a useful purpose and storytelling from our past… and future travelling. This is how ValentinProject was born.

Through our concept, we wish to make our clients aware of discreet causes through combining industrial makings and local artisanship for specific pieces of our products or dedicated lines. To this end we have decided to work with metalworkers from Ban Naphia to make our brand's signature:
we make our shirts last button by recycling unexploded bombshells' debris (see our Empowering section).

Beyond just creating shirts and Polo shirts collection, it is precious for us to use our activity as a vehicle for social good: supporting a good cause to contribute in sustainable development in the long run.

Then yes there is a lot of LOVE in ValentinProject!
We love bringing stories in our collection and we love connecting the dots of our concept to make it useful for our clients and for the causes we are supporting.
Embodying just a small piece in our collections is our way to extend a wonderful initiative and to spread it: we hope people will like our items not only because it looks nice, but also because they feel they purchase an exclusive shirt or Polo shirt that they cannot find anywhere else.
Thus, ValentinProject line becomes communicative, it tells and divulges a story and its clients become storytellers.
As a famous fashion designer said:

“Best fashion makes people think and does challenge people...”