Sizing Chart

How to define your right shirt size ?

It is important  to determine your right size of shirt before confirming your order.

There are 2 elements you have to take in consideration :

1/ The neck size
The neck size is the first element to know should you button up the collar and wear your dress shirt with a tie. You have to feel confortable in it.  To determine your neck size, take a thread around your neck and make a mark. Then, simply measure the length of the thread which will correspond to your neck size. Our shirt are made for necks from 35 to 46 centimeters.

2/ Your body type
According to your body type, a waist or a straight cut fit is more appropriate. Waist shirts are closer to the body than the straight cut ones, more convenient for stoutness people. Straight cut shirts have circle buttons rather than waist shirts with squared buttons.
Should you need further information about our shirt size and cut feel free to contact our customer service.

Please find below our size measurements of our dress shirts :