Love, Exlore, Be Valentin

Love, Exlore, Be Valentin

Designer Men’s Dress Shirts Available Throughout Singapore

ValentinProject is committed to much more than simply providing an exquisite range of dress shirts and polos for our Singapore clients. We are about making positive chance in our world through innovation, sustainability and building awareness. Our collections don’t only focus on fusing French elegance with modern day simplicity, but they serve as a symbol for what ValentinProject represents and what we wish to accomplish. We’ve left our mark, now it’s up to take up the cause.

All of our men’s shirts are helping supporting those in need

Whether you’re purchasing one of our slim shirts, or fitted shirts, each item carries a reminder of the causes we’re doing our best to support. The last button on every one of our shirts is made with recycled debris from unexploded bombshells by local artisans.

Laos is one of the most heavily bombarded countries in the world to date, due to the Vietnam war and the ordnance that spilled across into its borders. Many of these bombs did not explode upon impact and can still be found today. The locals forage for these unexploded bombshells to recycle the metal so that they can forge them into other items and make a living.

Unfortunately, as a result, many lose their lives due to the still live explosives. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to help spread awareness of the situation whilst providing a source of income for the local artisans.

High end fashion with a cause

If you’re a lover of functional, yet fashionable clothing, then our modern range of men’s dress shirts and polos is unsurpassed in Singapore. If you had any queries about our shirts or the initiatives we’re embarking on to help support worthy causes, please don’t hesitate to send us a message